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Selene Ripper
Harbor High School - Newport Beach CA
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666, abandoned buildings, abandoned hospitals, absinthe, abuse, anatomy, androgyny, art, autopsies, backstage passes, bad omens, bitemarks, bizarre sexual encounters, blood, bloodstains, bondage, boots, boys, boys in drag, boys in dresses, breaking things, brian molko, cats, cds, chains, clubbing, collections, computers, contact lenses, creating, crossdressing, custom content, danny elfman, dolls, drawing, dreams, dvds, edgar allan poe, elfen lied, eyeliner, feathers, fire, fishnet, friday the 13th, fur, furry, girls, hannibal lecter, harry potter, homosexuality, horror, improvement, insanity, intelligence, irony, jigsaw, jonathan crane, kittens, korn, latex, lobotomy, lolita, long hair, mac cosmetics, macabre, makeup, marilyn manson, meat, mechanical animals, metal lunchboxes, mindless self indulgence, mp3s, murder, music, mutilation, my sweet satan, nine inch nails, oddities, omega, pale skin, paranormal experiences, phobias, photography, piercings, placebo, platform boots, poetry, post mortem photography, posters, pretty boys, pretty girls, psychology, rammstein, ravens, reading, rocky horror picture show, sadism, sarcasm, satanism, saw, saw 2, saw 3, saw 4, self surgery, serial killers, serverus snape, sim stories, sims 2, slipknot, snakes, snooping, spikes, stardust, subliminal messages, tattoos, the addams family, the cure, the joker, the scarecrow, the spooky kids, the undertaker, tim burton, vinyl, wednesday 13, werewolves, wolves, writing, ziggy stardust
foggy night


My name is Selene Ripper, model, artist, photographer, writer, currently residing in Newport Beach, California.

I am a female-to-male trans, please be respectful and use the correct pronouns, thank you.

I make icons, as I state in each icon post (or, a better term would probably be, in each icon dump), comment if you are taking them, and credit me. Do not take them and promote them as your own.

I am quite open to meeting new people, so feel free to add me.

I'm a satanist following the philosophy set by Anton LaVey.

The following journal contains views and art that may disturb young and ignorant viewers. Proceed with caution. Not safe for children under three years. Harmful if swallowed. Side effects will vary.

Official site:
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foggy night
Cults, support system, and highest respects.


I am also involved in a group called toxic_ink_0_15 and that is where I post (or cross post) my more morbid works or fanfiction.
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foggy night
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